Currently, TeCETEL is established on a dedicated facility and systems that support a sustainable functionality of the targeted objectives of the Centre. The facility serves the immediate College community, and all the components of the Centre’s quadruple-helix tiers of aspirations. The TeCETEL facility is strategically located within Federal College of Education, Zaria, to facilitate unhindered accessibility to its organizational structures and physical facilities needed for the smooth running of the various phases of its operations.

The Centre shall leverage on the internal capacity of existing academic structure in the College, while taking full advantage of partnership with external (local and international) expertise. Consequently, the Centre will identify and engage relevant users, academic partners, policy partners, and partners from industries across the country and internationally. The services of the identified partners shall be deployed towards the attainment of the Centre’s vision and mission in research, innovations, administrative and technical supports, through stakeholder workshops and other media. The Centre shall also leverage on its local and international partnership (in the public-private sector, industry, and institutional partners and networks) to disseminate its research findings, staff/student exchanges, and other products and deliverables.

Choosen Among the twelve TETFund Centre of Excellence inaugurated on the 24th November 2021.

Years of experience in training teachers for the service of the dynamic modern society.

Partnership/Collaborations areas carefully choosen to realise the set objectives of the Centre.

Courses in areas designed to correlate technology with teacher education.


Tetfund Centre of Excellence for Technology Enhanced Learning (TeCETEL) is domiciled in Federal College of Education, Zaria, Kaduna State-Nigeria.


Federal College of Education
P.M.B. 1041 Kongo, Zaria.


+234 803 6417 979

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